Lightweight Formulation Software for Perfumery

Built natively for iPhone, iPad and Mac. A clean, simple and colourful interface designed to spark creativity. Backed by a calculation engine behind the scenes which takes care of the maths so you can worry about the creative aspect of perfumery.

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Scaling engine

A custom scaling engine helps you scale formulas up and down using a scaling factor, target weight or target concentration.

Formula statistics

View a fragrance pyramid split into 5 levels of substantivity. Get a visual raw material category breakdown for each formula.

Manage dilutions

Keep track of different raw materials' dilutions and change dilutions in formulas using the existing solvent.

Formulair running on iPad

Manage your raw materials collection

Keep your raw materials organised with a collection of cards to store information. Keep track of basic information such as supplier, IFRA limits and cost per gram. Record purchase dates for stock and making dilutions to act as a reminder to help avoid raw materials going off. A table summarising concentration in formulas serves to quickly remind you which usage levels you found the most success with.

"I always had trouble keeping track of notes regarding my raw materials. I liked the idea of notecards, but if you make a mistake or change you mind you have to cross it out, which gets messy very quickly when you need to make corrections. Being an app, Formulair naturally solves these problems, because you simply update the info."

  • Sam Macer, Lux & Terra

Keep track of formulas

Organise your formulas into custom categories and sketch out new ones with ease. Simply search your raw materials library and set a weight in grams up to 3 decimal places. Mark formula entries as too strong or weak. Change the dilution of a formula entry or swap out a raw material as you please. Formulair makes all of this quick and easy.

"To calculate percentages when diagnosing formulas, you usually have to do all the calculations manually or use a complex spreadsheet. Comparing formulas stored in disparate notebooks or heavy spreadsheet files can be time consuming too. Formulair aims to solve that by keeping them all in one place and doing the calculations for you. You can sort formulas by a property you're interested in and simply flick between the two versions."

  • Sam Macer, Lux & Terra
Formulair running on Macbook Pro

Minimal design, packed full of features.

Designed from the ground up for apprentice and self-taught perfumers. As easy as using a pen and paper but allows you to make connections between raw materials and formulas which a traditional notebook can't provide.


Full privacy

Your data is secured by Apple in a private iCloud container.

Light & dark mode

A rich interface supports light and dark mode. Even the raw materials colour palette adapts dynamically.

Harness colours

Featuring a carefully designed colour palette, allowing you to assign colours to fully capture the essence your raw materials.

Summarise raw material usage

Raw material cards include a listing of every formula it's used in from strongest to weakest, showing any flags you set for too strong or weak.

Export & share

Export formulas to pdf allowing you to print and share, markdown to open in note taking software, or tsv (tab-separated value) files, to load into spreadsheet software.

Hide raw material usage

Includes a setting to scramble your raw material usage table, hiding sensitive formula information.

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