Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, check below to see if we've answered it already.

Getting Started

Visit the Apple app store. Scroll to the bottom of the Formulair homepage and click the app store badge or click here.

Formulair runs on iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) running iOS 13 or later and Mac computers with OS X 10.15 (Catalina) or later. Formulair does not run on Windows or Android natively and there are currently no plans to port it to these devices.

Formulair is built using Apple's latest iCloud, Catalyst (multi-device) and UI framework technology. This means that it would be very difficult to create the same level of user experience for Windows and Android as there is not the same ecosystem of tools for programmers. This unfortunately means that it is not viable for us to port Formulair over to Windows or Android any time in the near future.


Formulair is accessible for free but you are not allowed to add more than 25 raw materials or formulas unless you purchase the full version. This is offered as an in app purchase on the app store and pricing varies depending on region. In order to check pricing for your region, see the app store.

Once you try to go above the free limit, you will be prompted in-app with an option to purchase the full version. You can also use the purchase button in-app (at the top of the raw materials library). If this does not show you can make it visible in settings.


Formulair offers a space for you to record the IFRA limits for raw materials. Formulair does not populate this for you however. It is your own responsibility to ensure that your perfume conforms to the IFRA standards if you are following these and any other laws which may apply. To search the IFRA standards, visit

Currently, there is no bulk import or export option for data. This is something we are working on and hope to release in early 2022 for raw materials data. For formulas, the ability to generate PDF, Markdown and CSV files for formulas is already available in the top right of the formula. The output type can be selected in settings.

Formulair is provided as a fixed or 'as is' software and is not open to new feature requests. We will work to fix bugs however. We would still love to hear about your ideas though and are greatful for these and there is the possibility that we make some kind of major upgrade option available in the future with new features. We also love to hear any thoughts on your experience using the app, your workflows and what things you love or find annoying. Email me (the creator) at and I will take note of these thoughts personally.

Having trouble with Formulair

If you are experiencing any crashes in the app, the first step is to go to the app store and check that you have the latest version (press update on the Formulair page if the option is available to update to the latest version). We are aware of issues with earlier versions which have been fixed.

If you are still experiencing crashes, we are not yet aware of this. In order to help us diagnose any crashes, it's important that you share diagnostics data with us (don't worry, this doesn't include formula information). In order to do this, visit for instructions on iPhone or iPad. For Mac, instructions can be found at You can also help my emailing and explaining the steps taken to cause the crash. We will endeavour to solve the issue as soon as possible.

We spent a long time ensuring that Formulair is free of bugs. That said, it is possible that there are still some bugs we missed. Make sure that your Formulair app is updated to the latest version in case we've already fixed it. Make sure that your Apple device is updated to the latest operating system version as some bugs may exist in the Apple frameworks upon which Formulair is built (we know of a rare bug where buttons in the app can become unclickable on macOS - you must update your OS to fix this).

If you find a bug, please send us an email by emailing and include a description of the bug along with what the expected behaviour was. In order for us to reproduce and diagnose any bugs, we require step by step instructions on the actions which were taken for the bug to occur. It is also helpful if you can include screenshots. We are grateful for the time it takes you to do this as it helps ensure we can deliver the best possible experience for everyone who uses Formulair.

Formulair's formula scaling engine does the best job possible while maintining 3 decimal places of precision for each individual formula entry. This accuracy limit means that fractional values are rounded in scaling steps, which can lead to very slight deviations from what was expected. See the info pop-ups on the scaling pages in-app to understand how a scaling step is performed.


Your data is stored in a private iCloud container tied to your apple ID and secured by Apple. Lux & Terra does not have access to your data except for anonymised telementry from Apple which covers app usage patterns, but no information about you formulas, raw materials, suppliers, etc. You can turn off sending us crash reports and disgnostic data in your privacy settings, but we would kindly ask that you share this data with us as otherwise we do not have access to any crash reports which help up improve the app.

Your data is automatically backed up on iCloud.

All of your existing data will be automatically synced from your iCloud account.

Yes, but you will not be able to sync between devices. Simply turn off Formulair in your iCloud settings.

Delete Formulair on all of your devices and then open the iCloud settings on your Apple device (usually under Apple ID). Click manage storage and you will be able to delete your Formulair data. Warning: You will not be able to recover your data after doing this.