Why we created Formulair

Learning perfumery is difficult. Regardless of weather you have a mentor or are self taught, there's a lot to manage. Developing an intimate knowledge of hundreds of raw materials. Keeping track of dilutions and suppliers. Developing trial blends and keeping track of how you use your raw materials in your formulas. All of this can leave you wasting more time on organisation than the art of perfumery itself.

Formulair was developed at Lux & Terra to reclaim that lost time by not having to waste it in the first place. Rather than keeping it to ourselves, we decided to share this tool so that other perfumers can save themselves the fustration.

"I always had trouble keeping track of notes regarding my raw materials. I liked the idea of notecards, but if you make a mistake or change you mind you have to cross it out, which gets messy very quickly when you need to make corrections. Being an app, Formulair naturally solves this problem, because you simply update the info.

To calculate percentages when diagnosing formulas, you usually have to do all the calculations manually or use a complex spreadsheet. Comparing formulas stored in disparate notebooks or heavy spreadsheet files can be time consuming too. Now all of my formulas are in one place and all of the calculations done automatically, allowing me to focus on the creative process itself."

  • Sam Macer, Director & Perfumer, Lux & Terra

About Lux & Terra

Lux & Terra is an independent perfumery located in London, United Kingdom. Currently a solo-project, Lux & Terra creates niche fantasy inspired perfumes, sells equipment for aspiring perfumers and provides free perfumery education for those just getting started with perfumery on YouTube.